Croxfords Joiners and CarpentersPlease welcome me to the world of blogging. I am new at this but having said that I am certainly not new to the world of carpentry. And it is joinery and carpentry that I will be talking to you about.

My father who was a skilled craftsman taught me all I know and he also started the firm that I am now proud of running. We have existed as an organisation for 44 years having been established in 1968.

I will tell you more about the history of Croxfords over the coming weeks and months and you will hear a tale that will be typical of a small hard working family business that is true to the roots of traditional wood working. We are a Yorkshire family and I have been settled in and around  Holmfirth near Huddersfield all my life.

I will also be introducing you to members of our staff and  be giving you a tour of our modern workshop. I will show you some of the impressive machinery we use to prepare the highest quality handmade hardwood doors and windows which are our speciality. I will show you projects that we are working on so you can see, for example, how a traditional wood staircase is put together. Have you ever wondered how to put together a Georgian sash window?

I  will show you some of the tricks of the trade a specialist joinery manufacturer uses to achieve such exacting results.

Finally I will show you some of the work we have done over the years and tell you some of the landmark buildings we have worked on. You will be surprised at the number of well known establishments that have our seen our craftsmanship.

In all I hope to bring you an interesting insight into our world of specialist joinery.

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Sasy window restoration projectThe window above (photo on the left)  has had the sash box fully refurbished and new double glazed draft proofed sashes installed. It meets current 2011 building regulations, is registered with FENSA, was approved by the local conservation officer and comes with a 5 year insurance backed warranty.

To achieve this result has not been easy. Georgian bar Sash windows are notoriously difficult to double glaze sympathetically. Most conservation officers are well aware of this and often insist that windows remain single glazed. The main problem is the width of the glazing bar, this can be as narrow as 16mm but more typically it is in the 19-28mm range. It’s all the Georgians needed – as there was no spacer bar to conceal, then a circa 6mm glazing rebate would suffice.

Achieving the look of single glazing with double glazed sashes requires care. It is essential to match all the dimensions of the original sash exactly, including the glazing bar and as can be seen on the final picture, where our double glazed Georgian sashes are adjacent to a property with the original single glazed windows, it is exceptionally hard to tell which one has been double glazed.

So how do we achieve this result? Well if you’d like to find out our secrets learn how you can double glaze your Georgian sliding box sashes without compromising your period look, then give us a call and we can come out and do a free survey on your property.

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