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Handmade Hardwood Timber Doors

Whether you require a grand welcome for visitors or a sunny escape route to your garden, all of Croxford’s doors are hand crafted by experienced joiners who pay attention to detail.

The finest solid timber doors can be given your personalisation adding style to any home or building.

If you want to add value to your new build, renovation, home garage or outbuildings, contact Croxford’s now for a free quotation.


View our product range below all from sustainable sources

Example of semi glazed hardwood doors Example of solid oak front door Example of patio doors Example of glazed patio sliding doors Example of glazed hardwood french doors


Traditional & Contemporary Hardwood Doors

All of Croxford’s doors are made to time honoured traditional methods by experienced joiners and carpenters using modern machinery. We can supply many different styles of doors, both external, internal and various patio doors. Typically these doors will be made with hardwood such as oak, idigbo, laminated oak, ash or mahoganey.

Cusome made doors are surprisingly affordable and you will be amazed that something handmade specifically for your home will be well within your budget.

Please click on the portfolio link to see some of our hardwood door examples.

Patio Doors & Sliding Doors

For over 25 years Croxford's have been manufacturing several types of patio & sliding doors including inward and outward opening bi-fold, tilt & slide and lift & slide and fully double glazed french doors.

Interior, Exterior, Front and Garage Doors

Quality solid hardwood timber doors including glazed and semi-glazed made from woods such as Oak, Laminated Oak, Mahoganey and Idigbo.

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